• We rise by lifting others
            -Robert G. Ingersoll

The Sonoma Rebound Project

The Sonoma Rebound Project was conceived by a small group of Santa Rosa residents who want to help mitigate the impacts of the recent historic fires. Rather than simply donating money to traditional causes, our group concluded there may be a more direct participatory approach to helping those with great loss to get back to normal. We also want to encourage our neighbors to sustain the obvious heightened sense of goodwill we all observed during and after the crisis.

Our goal is to connect with people who can offer services to help the community heal and to create a place where people can come receive services with a personal touch. In addition to providing a place for rapid deployment of services and activities, the project aims to offer tangible reduction in stress for our community.

Within a couple of weeks, we found a place near downtown Santa Rosa, renovated the site on a shoe string budget, and launched the center as Sonoma Rebound. Within a month, we have created a platform where people can easily donate their services without any obstacle or financial burden. Three months into the operation, we're consistently launching 5 or more workshops and events a week.

According to research, after the fires are contained and the media leaves, most victims experience depression and it will last for a while. Therefore we have committed to continue Sonoma Rebound for long term recovery.

We are looking for public support so that we can continue to maintain and improve our center and provide much needed services to our community. We hope to refine the project so it may also serve as a model for other communities to follow in times of need.

Sonoma Rebound is now a 501c3 organization.
Sonoma Rebound becomes an organizer of https://sonomacounty.recovers.org/
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Sonoma Rebound Our Story

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How Sonoma Rebound Launch Platform Works

  • Create workshops and events that focus on wellness, education, and fun activities
  • Reach out to volunteers who can offer services or organize events
  • Pin down format by exchanging ideas with volunteers
  • Create marketing materials and promote through established channels
  • Use feedback to fine tune workshp format and to plan future events
  • Support other nonprofit groups by providing space for their events

Sonoma Rebound Workshops and Events

John Freedom and Judy Depenau will be offering a free weekly class called RELIEVING EMOTIONAL DISTRESS. In this class they will share effective techniques for calming and down-regulating the nervous system, connecting mind and body, and re-building resilience, resourcefulness and community. These evenings will include mindfulness, group sharing, mind-body techniques, and EFT tapping.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique is a new method for rapidly resolving emotional distress, simply by tapping acupoints. EFT can be used to address a widerange of emotional issues, including anxiety, anger, grief, loss, trauma and PTSD. Please help spread the word.

Here is the link to the workshop flyer: http://sonomarebound.org/eft.pdf

West County Media's Creative Consultants will be available for (up-to) an hour of FREE WordPress Consulting, Training & Design in the form of a friendly, group learning styled Q&A session. See flyer for details.

Here is the link to the workshop flyer: http://sonomarebound.org/wordpress.pdf

A free lecture/panel discussion will be offered on Wednesday evening, May 16, called "Managing Stress, Anxiety and Depression: Tools for Building Resilience", in the Conference room at Sonoma West Medical Center in Sebastopol.

The address is 501 Petaluma Ave. Time: 6pm to 7:30pm.

For more information:

Are you recovering from loss and trauma?
Do you want to be more resilient, but feel stuck?

The key to coping and healing is to move back-n-forth between times of grief and loss and to develop and internalize experiences of well-being.

Therese Smith, M.A., MFT, yoga teacher, licensed marriage and family therapist, yoga therapist, and studio owner/director will be giving this workshop and pre-registration is required by calling 529-6965 or Livingyoga55@gmail.com.

Here is the link to the workshop flyer: http://sonomarebound.org/yoga.pdf

Our tutors are ready to help with subjects including biology, chemistry, physics, math, engineering and some aspects of computer science.

We will discuss with the students what they need help with and we will match the students with the best tutor available. Please email Sonoma Rebound to make an appointment - sonomarebound@gmail.com.

All are welcome, donations to Sonoma Rebound are appreciated.

Here is the link to the workshop flyer: http://sonomarebound.org/tutor.pdf

Public community meeting to share information, community projects and service opportunities. We highlight upcoming events, and connect pro-active people that have a heart for the community.

This is a time to share your community service programs, events, flyers, goals, needs, and offerings of help.

For more information: http://sonomarebound.org/communityconnections.pdf

Heather Liston, a tax expert in casualty loss will give a seminar on how to best handle casualty loss tax deduction. Seminar location is at Rohnert Park Chinese Christian Church. See flyer for location.

This seminar is organized by Sonoma Rebound, a nonprofit organization focuses on providing services to those who are impacted by the North Bay fire disaster.

This event is sponsored by Rohnert Park Chinese Christian Church.

Here is the link to the event flyer: http://sonomarebound.org/tax.pdf
Service is provided by
Communique Interpreting
330 College Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Locatoin: 353 College Ave Santa Rosa (0.3mi east of HWY 101)

How To Participate

If you are interested in participating, please send us a message at sonomarebound@gmail.com. We are seeking 3 types of participants: workshop volunteers, corporate sponsors, and project promotion volunteers.

Workshop Volunteers

Sometimes you don't even realize you have much to share - your knowledge, your skill set, and your hobby. We create workshops that focus on wellness, education and fun activities. A workshop would be an one-time event or a repeating event. Please bring your idea to us and we will let you know if it fits our criteria.

Corporate sponsors

Businesses may sponsor any of our events by making a donation to Sonoma Rebound. We will announce your sponsorship on our media channels and display your brochures at the center if we decided to accept your sponsorship. You may also create your own event if it fits our criteria.

Project promotion volunteers

Promotion is a major task when launching workshops and events. Sign up as a volunteer if you are interested in learning how to promote events.

Whether you would like to participate or just want to explore further, send us a message at sonomarebound@gmail.com or come visit our center. Short term participation is also welcome. We will make your experience an enjoyable one while working on a meaningful cause. We thank you for reading our post and your suggestions are most welcome.

Our new facility location

353 College Ave Santa Rosa, CA 95401 Corner of College Ave and Glenn St 0.3mi east of HWY 101
Door open 15 mins prior to each workshop/event
Please check our facebook page for latest information.
You can email us: sonomarebound@gmail.com Give us a call: (707) 327-2784

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