App-Ready SmartTag™

App-Ready SmartTags Greatly Streamline Information Flow

App-Ready SmartTag is used as a gateway for users to access myTrackBuddy apps. An App-Ready SmartTag is essentially a URL address with a unique code as the parameter.

There is no limit to the number of SmartTags that can be assigned to an app. Each SmartTag will display the same app but keep a separate log when users access a specific SmartTag.

There are a number of ways to publish your apps including QRcode, NFC, SMS and short URL. To publish as a QRcode, just download the QRcode image provided and print it on a label or a poster.

To include NFC (Near Field Communication), program an NFC sticker with the SmartTag's URL and stick it behind the label.

Below is an example of an App-Ready SmartTag that contains QRcode and NFC.

Please note that a short URL '' is included on the App-Ready SmartTag. Oftentimes, users don't know how to operate a QRcode reader or an NFC reader. Therefore myTrackBuddy offers a short URL web app. Users may enter this URL using a mobile browser, the web page will instruct the users to enter the first and last 3 letters of the SmartTag code and the page will be redirected to your app. SmartTag Code is part of the SmartTag URL.

Here is an example on how to design and create a project.
A construction company is remodeling an apartment complex. Two SmartTag labels are placed in each apartment unit.

A service log app is created for workers to enter the work being done on that day. The app provides option checkboxes such as Wall Painting, Floor Tiling, Cabinet installation, etc. for fast data entry.

An inventory consumption app is created for workers to enter the materials being consummed that day. The workers may enter the type of materials and the number of units on the Log Creation page.

A time attendance app is also created for workers to log their hours. The SmartTag's URL is sent directly to each worker as SMS since the app is associated with individual worker.

Main office may access these logs and determine if they are on schedule and what materials need to be sent to the job site next.

Here's another example to provide you with more ideas.
A company has 10 copy machines at different offices in different cities and each machine has the same maintenance procedure. A service log app is created with 10 SmartTags assigned to it. (It only takes a couple of minutes to create these SmartTags.)

A SmartTag label is placed on every copy machine. This allows the service person to access the service history for that machine.

A separate inventory consumption app can be created to keep track of the materials being consumed such as toners and papers. Office Admin may access these logs remotely and use the information to schedule refills.

The Enterprise Account provides additional utilities to view log statistics, to export data, to create multiple SmartTags plus other management tools.

Please go to 'myTrackBuddy Apps' page to view app examples and exercises so that you can get familiar with the app creation process. View myTrackBuddy Apps Examples and Exercises