myTrackBuddy Apps

myTrackBuddy Apps Connect The Work Flow Dots For You

myTrackBuddy Apps are designed to help you to easily record and retrieve different types of log history with no hardware or software installation and no app download. Apps are run on web browsers and work well on all OS and devices.

myTrackBuddy offers 4 different types of apps that can be used independently or collectively to create a coordinated process. Apps can be deployed at physical locations or online. App content can be updated remotely and log history can be retrieved locally or remotely. myTrackBuddy apps allow you to create your own app content and custom option checkboxes for fast data entry.

When users access your app, the log history will be displayed at the bottom of the app. Users may search the log history by date as well. Each log contains the information submitted including selected options.

With myTrackBuddy, you can design a process that can greatly enhance workflow efficiency and reduce labor cost.

It is easy to create and launch a myTrackBuddy app. Follow the instructions provided in App Example and Exercise and you will have your app up and running in 15 minutes or less.

Retrieve and Record Service Log

This app allows you to record service log and access log history from any connected device. It also allows users to report problems such as equipment failure to app admin for immediate attention. The incidence will become part of the log history.
View Service Log App Example and Exercise

Keep Track of Inventory Consumption & Assets

This app allows you to record inventory count, number of items being checked out or returned. App admin may access the log history remotely to monitor inventory consumption. Users may also access the log history locally to see who or when an item is being checked out or returned.
View Inventory App Example and Exercise

Record Time Attendance On-site & Off-site

This app allows you to log work hours and submit notes to admin such as vacation notification from any device. Users may roll back the log time if they forgot to clock in or out. The original log time will also be included for auditing purpose. Custom checkboxes such as taking a sick day, off-site duty, on travel, etc. can be created for fast data entry. This app is in particular useful for off-site employees.
View Time Attendance App Example and Exercise

Post Digital Content At Physical Locations

This app allows you to post digital content at any physical location. You can update content remotely from your account and the new information will appear in the app right away. Users may send you a message directly from the app. You will receive the message as an email. Custom options can also be created for fast data entry.
Like all other apps, you have the option to password protect the app. Please note that Content Posting app does not reveal log history to users. All information will be sent to the app admin directly via email.
View Content Posting App Example and Exercise