Jobsite Communication

Jobsite Communication Just Got A Helping Hand

myTrackBuddy™ has created a new category of application called 'App-Ready SmartTag' that allows crew members to access work history at their specific job location or work station, to report job progress and materials usage, and to request assistance using their mobile. The app is simple to use and it requires little or no training. It also allows project managers and office admin to remotely access these logs and use the information to plan future tasks.

App management can be done on either PC or mobile which brings the convenience for those who need to be on the road a lot. The architecture of App-Ready SmartTag offers a number of advanced features which include deployment of applications across multiple sites.

App-Ready SmartTag is a free web app with no expiration or gotcha. It takes less than an hour to setup an account and learn how to deploy your own apps and SmartTags. View Quick Start Tutorial Video